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Publication date : 4 May 2014

Book blurb:

Start the Assumption Series with book 1 – Broken

A girl’s senior year in high school should be a special time. Ayma’s expectations are not very high. She is the daughter of a control-freak mother and a father who has been absent for the past three years. She is ridiculed by the popular kids in school because of her unfortunate name and the way she dresses. Although she’s nearly eighteen, her mother controls every aspect of her life, including what she wears, who her friends are and even what foods she is allowed to eat. The only bright spot in her life is her friend Tabby. Until she meets Colton.

Colton is unexpected. He’s gorgeous, popular – the guy all the girls want and the one all of the other guys want to be like. When he begins to pay attention to Ayma, she doesn’t know what to think. Things like this just don’t happen to girls like her. One obstacle after another is thrown into their path, but they can’t deny what they feel for one another. Their new-found love will be threatened by secrets from their past, challenges in their present and a future they can only dream about. Ayma struggles to find an identity apart from her mother’s controlling nature while Colton faces the results of an arrest that took place the summer before his tenth grade year.

Can they find love and happiness? Or will they be destroyed by events beyond their control?

My synopsis:

Ayma Kuntz is a spunky 17 year old going into her final year in high school.  Despite having the mother from hell, a father who’s fallen off the radar and being ridiculed by all but her handful of friends at school, she’s still managed to turn out to be a pleasant young girl.  Like any teenager, Ayma goes through the usual teenage events but nothing that she’s been through before has prepared her for dealing with Colton Greyson.  He’s part of the popular crowd so how could he ever possibly be interested in her?

Colton Greyson was one of the in crowd until his fall from grace takes him away from Bay Shore Academy.  When he returns in the final year of high school he meets Ayma Kuntz, and, from the very beginning, there’s something about her that makes him sit up and pay attention.  Her quirkiness draws him to her.  But with all that he’s been through, and her dysfunctional life, can he and Ayma find a way to work through everything to be able to be together?

What I thought:

A really well written story that offers a little bit of everything … humour, tension, teenage angst and all that being a young adult falling in love and dealing with life entails.  I didn’t know what to expect from this “Young Adult” book when I started reading but, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Broken.  It was an easy read, from the point of view that you kept turning the page to see what else life planned on handing this poor young girl and how she would show her mettle in the way she dealt with it.  You can’t help but cheer for Ayma and, of course, Colton. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

Rating : &&&&

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Guest Blog : I Knew Exactly Who It Was! by Phoenix Kelly

I spent the most fabulous weekend sharing creative space with a fellow author, who also happens to be my best friend, and we had the best time writing and creating.  The upshot of our weekend is that we got lots of writing done ... this guest blog being one of them.  Phoenix has written a terrific short story for your reading pleasure ... so enjoy.

Much love,


When the phone rang at two in the morning, I knew exactly who it was … it was him and all he said was “I’m coming home. I need you” and then he was gone … the phone clicked off. 

Instantly my body came alive and I craved his touch, his mouth … he was coming home.

Heath had been away for a month, well 28 days and 17 hours to be exact … but who was counting.

He came home from work one bright autumn afternoon, to the apartment we shared - I had paint on my cheek - he told me he had resigned and needed to get away.

My initial reaction was WTF? But I took a long, slow, deep, breath and instantly realized, this hadnothing to do with me and even less to do with us.

He left the next day with cash, his phone, his passport and a back-pack.

The night before, he had made love to me all night, filled with passion and tenderness that silently begged for permission to leave and demanded I remember his touch.  He held me at the door for a long moment, I could hear his heart pounding but I knew he had to leave … and I had to let him, to quench this thirst that was drowning him.

I held him close and he clung to me, torn between staying and searching. He held me tight and finally spoke “this has nothing to do with you, you know that - right?” it came out almost as a plea.

“Yes” I said simply … quietly

“I will come home – I love you, I need you” he said. I believed him. “I just need to find some space”
“ok” I said       

He drew back and cupped my face between his hands and searched my eyes for understanding. I got it. He needed this. I was ok.

He dipped his head and clawed at my lips with his mouth. Desperate, to remember every twist and tender turn, every contour. He kissed me so deeply, I felt it within. Finally we parted lips, breathless, but our connection was kept as our foreheads couldn’t let go.

“My phone will remain on all the time and you can find me using the locator on our phones.” He added almost desperately      

“Heath” I said calmly, quietly “I am fine … go … search … find … and then … come home”

Again he pulled me into a tight embrace and then before he changed his mind … he left, grabbed his bag and escaping through the front-door.

That was 28 days and 17 hours ago …

I looked down at my phone to trace where he was coming home from and he was on the other end of the world … it would take a while, I smiled.

I tossed and turned as sleep eluded me … my mind and body ached for Heath.  My mind raced around how he would feel, how he would taste, how he would touch and my body came alive with sensation … I lay there for a while considering the options but eventually I got up to watch the dawn gradually fan out across the Manhattan skyline.

He was coming home … I was excited. I was more than excited. What had he seen? Where had he gone? Was his thirst quenched? Would home be enough now?

I was drawing up to the sketch board, creativity had exploded through my body since I learned of Heath’s return, when I heard the key in the door and his bag slump to the floor … I felt him before I saw him. His heat, his presence.         

For a moment I stood very still, not even finishing my sketch stroke, just trying to galvanize this moment in my mind.  He was home.  I closed my eyes and drank in his presence behind me.

I hadn’t turned but I could feel him smiling and a smile pulled at my lips as my body came alive with an overwhelming need and heat. 

From behind, his hands curled around my waist and he pulled me into his warm hard body. I melted and wanted to whip around to feel him, see him, taste him but he held me tighter for a moment, stopping my turn – holding me right up against his body.

Eventually his hands moved slowly up my curves and cupped my straining breasts; my nipples hard, screaming for his touch,  fire exploded through me … Oh Yes!  I Knew Exactly Who It Was!        

You don’t know me … But you want to …

Fiction, Flirtation and Fantasy … Writing by Phoenix Kelly
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Sebastian’s mood was dark as he walked into the club.  He’d had the crappiest day and was looking for something or someone to relieve the stress.  The loud music assaulted his ears and he wondered why he’d thought coming to the club was such a good idea.  Suddenly he wasn’t sure that the company of another would be the cure he was after.  Or, at least, that was he was thinking until he turned his head and his eyes met hers.  The sensation was like being slammed up against a brick wall.  She was, quite possibly, the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.  Eyes that were large, bottomless pools of green, flawless skin, a mouth that made him want to kiss her forever and a body just made for a man’s hand.  She gave him a small smile and he felt like he’d been punched in the gut.  A woman like that should be outlawed, damn it.  The barman asked Sebastian what he’d like to order.  He ordered his drink and turned back to look at the woman again.  She was gone!  His eyes frantically searched the club but he couldn’t see her anywhere.  And just like that his dark mood was back.  Yes indeed, it had been a really crappy day.

Serena hated the clubbing scene.  It just wasn’t her thing but her flatmate, and best friend, had insisted that she go with.  She was sure she was being set up on yet another blind date and really didn’t want to go but Carly wasn’t taking no for an answer.  So here she was sipping on a drink and bored as hell.  She’d been right.  Carly had set her up, yet again.  Despite the fact that Serena kept telling Carly she wasn’t looking for a new man in her life, Carly had taken it upon herself to find Serena a new boyfriend.  But after the jackass she’d just dumped, the last thing she wanted was to be stuck in a new relationship.  If only Carly would get the hint though.  As she scanned the room again her eyes collided with those of a truly mouth watering man.  He was all dark good looks and a body that made her hands itch to touch.  Her heart rate skyrocketed and her sex tingled; and all that from just a look.  Serena was thoroughly disconcerted by her overwhelming response to the stranger and suddenly she could think of nothing else but escaping the magnetic pull of his gaze.  As he turned away from her to place his order, she rose from the table and slipped into the crowd looking for Carly.

“Carly, I’m going to head home.  I don’t feel so great.”

“Oh no,” Carly cried, “Dan hasn’t even arrived yet.”

“I’m sorry Carly but I really need to go.  I’ll see you in the morning.”

Carly sighed deeply, disappointment rampant on her lovely face.

“Ok then.  I’ll see you in the morning.  Feel better.”  They hugged and Serena left.

Climbing into her car, Serena wondered again about her intense reaction to the gorgeous stranger.  She couldn’t remember ever reacting like that to any man.  What was it about him that made her want so badly; made her want to be touched, tasted, taken?  Turning the key Serena was dismayed when the car refused to start.  She tried a couple more times and eventually the car started.  Backing out of her space, she glanced in her rear view mirror and saw him coming through the door.  Putting the car in to gear she drove away, glancing in the mirror repeatedly until he faded from view.  She let out a breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding.  And strangely, in the pit of her stomach, she felt a deep disappointment that she wouldn’t get to see him again.

He ran his hands over her breasts, plumping the mounds together, licking first one then the other nipple.  Her nipples were like hard little pebbles, aching for his touch.  His mouth started to close over her nipple when Serena was rudely ripped from her dream as her alarm clock jangled.  Reaching over, she slapped a hand on to the snooze button.  She wasn’t quite ready to get out and face the world.  With the second alarm, she silenced the alarm and rolled out of bed, padding into the bathroom to get her day started.  She had a new client coming in to see her today so she couldn’t afford to be late.  Twenty minutes later Serena pulled her front door closed behind her and headed for the garage.  Praying her car wouldn’t give her problems like the night before she turned the key and said a silent thank you as her car started, first time.  Filtering into the morning traffic, Serena went through her appointments for the day, in her head.  Her new client would be her first client for the day.  He was hosting a fund raising event and he was looking for an Events Co-ordinator to handle all the details since he neither had the time, nor the inclination to do so himself.  His secretary normally dealt with this sort of thing but she’d fallen ill and wouldn’t be back in time to pull the event off.  This account would be an enormous boost to her reputation as the company was a well known global concern.  She would have to pull out all the stops on this one.

Serena was pulled from her daydreaming by the insistent buzzing of her intercom.  Her secretary was letting her know her first appointment for the day had arrived.

“Take him into the boardroom Ginny.  I’ll be right there.” Serena instructed.

She gathered the file she’d been trying to work on together to take with her and made her way to the boardroom.  Ginny had her back to the door, chatting to the client; obscuring Serena’s view until the late moment.  As she opened her mouth to greet her client Ginny moved and Serena got her first good look at the new client.  It was him!  Serena couldn’t believe it.  He was Sebastian Moran?  She couldn’t seem to catch her breath; seemed rooted to the spot.  As if he’d sensed her presence, Sebastian looked up and saw Serena standing in the doorway and, again, he felt like he’d been slammed up against a brick wall.  She was petite perfection.  And he wanted her like he’d never wanted anything else, anyone else, ever.  And it was a very uncomfortable feeling.  Sebastian was used to being in control.  Serena managed to gather herself and stepping forward, extended her hand to Sebastian.

“Mr Moran, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” she managed to say in a clear, cool voice, and couldn’t believe that was her voice sounding so calm; she was anything but.

Sebastian rose to take her hand and it felt like an electric shock up his arm.

“Miss Callum, a pleasure.”

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